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What Does Your Animal Print Say About You?

Animal print perennially dominates the world of fashion – from interior design to seasonal fashion trends. Once seen as tacky, it’s renaissance in recent years has been spectacular. In fact, soaring sales of animal print clothing helped clothing retailer ASOS achieve a £500 million rise in sales over 2017-2018

The brave among us might go all-out with head-to-toe animal print à la Naomi Campbell; but chances are, even if you’re not a devotee of jungle print, you’ll have at least one item featuring animal print item within your wardrobe. If you’re interested in getting closer to nature and unleashing your wild side, there are many animal prints to choose from.

Abi from wearing a gorgeous leopard print skirt

animal print

Whether you choose to walk on the side with snakeskin boots, or to gently glide through the urban jungle in a leopard print scarf or stalk the streets in a fabulous dalmation print coat (think a cruelty-free version of Cruella de Vil) there are infinite possibilities to add some high-octane, exotic glamour to your wardrobe.

But how do you choose? Is it simply the cut, colour, fit and feel of an item, or is there something deeper in our choices? Does our choice of animal print in some way define our fierce spirit?

Leopard Print

The most popular animal print out there, practically everyone has a leopard print item in their wardrobe. So is this print more about fashion than the wild cat itself? Is it the pattern – a polka dot on a deep beige background – and symmetry that calls to us? After all, on paper it’s not the most attractive print out there, but this wild cat dominates the catwalks and high street alike.

The leopard is a ferocious, elusive spirit and there’s no doubt that the print is sexy and adds a dash of allure to your closet. Given it dominates the high street, this one is for the fashionistas or those dipping their toe into the Zoological pool. 
The sleekest of them all, this is a print you can choose to gently accessorise your way into the jungle, so it actually suits everyone. Depending on your mood, you can add a simple accessory with an animal print scarf or plump for maximum impact with a beautiful dress. Come hither or watch out! You can decide for yourself with this one.

Zebra Print

A beautiful black stripe on a pure white background (or is it a white stripe on a black background?!), zebra print is one of the most beautiful, glamorous prints out there. The zebra is one of nature’s herd animals, but is prey to the wild cat, so has a wild, vulnerable nature. Don’t be fooled though, anyone who’s ever tried to saddle train a zebra will know they’re willful and difficult to tame.

animal printHere the fabulous UK Style influencers, Hel & Mel look amazing in these colourful zebra print dresses.

Every pattern is unique, so you’ll want to stand out from the crowd if you choose zebra print. It has been less popular among fashion designers and harder to find on the high street but is gradually making an appearance this summer, so if you come across someone wearing zebra print, chances are they’ll be tenacious, soft on the outside but with an inner core of steel. Fierce? No. Tenacious? Probably. Headstrong? Definitely! So don’t be fooled, this safari native needs to be approached with caution.






Tiger Print

Like zebra, tiger print is less popular on the high street. This pattern is very striking and bold, and the signature black strips on an orange background might be too bold for many, other than as a small accent on a handbag or a piece of jewellery. Check out our fabulous tiger print cross body bag.

 Tiger print was Dolce and Gabbana’s signature style in the 1980’s and embodied power dressing, but it was equally embraced by the likes of in 2018.

So, does this ferocious print suit a daring character? Yes, definitely. A free spirit with a wild, dangerous streak, don’t mess with a lady in tiger print! Graceful and powerful hunters, they suggest "feminine" with killer instinct. Girl power to the max, this definitely suits strong personalities with an inner will of steel.

 Giraffe Print

Noble and sublime, giraffe print is synonymous with unparalleled chic. Graceful, confident and elegant, anyone choosing giraffe print is that little bit more gentle and ethereal than the average animal print devotee. This pattern is a little more subtle than the wild cats, so is maybe for the more reserved dressers among us.


Dalmation Print

This cute print is popular in children’s clothing as well as adult wardrobes. Made famous in the movie 101 Dalmations – albeit for the wrong reasons – this print will never be out of style. It’s difficult to pinpoint a personality trait here. Dalmations, being the only domesticated animal popular in the clothing industry, represent loyalty and honesty, and a genuine loving nature. However, it can also be seen as a daring choice, given that it was made famous by a Disney villain. So it’s how you wear this print that can define you. Wearing a dalmation-print dress or faux fur coat is definitely a bold statement and shows you’re daring and willing to challenge people’s preconceptions, but those choosing to accessorise with it, are definitely more meek and mild-mannered than badass.  Add one of our new dalmation print straps to bling up your bags!



While actual snakeskin might still be popular with some, we’d like to focus on cruelty-free print. It’s safe to say the snake’s not seen as one of nature’s friendliest or noblest of creatures. Always the villain, from Disney’s Robin Hood to the house of Slytherin in Harry Potter, it’s safe to say the snake’s not viewed as the most trustworthy of creatures.  

snakeskin bag

However, the fact that it’s such a dense, beautiful, repetitive pattern makes it nonetheless popular among fashionistas. If you choose to wear snakeskin accessories, you’re looking to add a touch of mystery and enigma to your look; those wearing a lot of snakeskin are definitely brave, and willing to challenge people’s perceptions. Our snakeskin star bag is a feminine way to dip your toe in this particular reptilian pool.

Maybe use your animal print to calm your mood or help give you more confidence when you’re having a challenging time? Maybe animal print allows us to do the ultimate power dressing, and that explains it’s longevity in the fickle world of fashion…So there you have it, maybe there’s more to your choice of animal print that you realise. If you have a variety of prints in your collection, maybe next time see if your choice of print is matching your mood?